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Cancer ScreeningCancer Screening Project

Cancer Screening Project

Cancer Screening Project

In 2005 The Rapides Foundation conducted a Community Health Assessment to identify the health status and needs, as well as common health behaviors, of community members within its nine-parish service area. The assessment demonstrated many residents are not receiving critical cancer screening tests and further detailed screening for breast, cervical, and colon cancers were below national targets. With this information, the Foundation decided to support a project promoting screening and early detection of these three cancers.

The scope of work for the project was developed, and, because they are widely used and familiar, the decision was made to follow screening guidelines of the American Cancer Society. The scope of work includes partnerships with communities, hospitals, physicians, government, churches, and local organizations; cancer screening programs for targeted groups; leveraging existing infrastructure and support; and promoting cancer screening to all citizens and providers.

The following graphs illustrate the results of the 2005 Community Health Assessment.

Less than 75% of women age 40 and older have had a mammogram within the past two years.
•Similar to the national prevalence of 70.2%
•TREND: This year’s proportion is not statistically different from 2002 data

Less than 53% of adults age 50 and older have had a colonoscopy at some point in their lives.
• TREND: Marks a statistically significant increase from 45.5% reported in 2002

Less than 79% of women age 18 and older have had a Pap smear within in the past three years.
• TREND: The current proportion marks a statistically significant decrease from 2002

Source for all charts: The Rapides Foundation 2005 Community Health Assessment,
can be found at

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CMAP Program Director
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