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CMAP History

CMAP - Helping people get the medicines they need.

May 2001

CMAP established - LSU/Huey P. Long (HPL) Charity Hospital outpatient pharmacy opened at England Airpark for clients utilizing HPL clinics

  • Over 10,000 clients served
  • Average 440 prescriptions filled daily
  • Formulary consists of medications obtained through:
    1. 340B contract
    2. Bulk donations from manufacturers
    3. Individual patient assistance programs
  • Client must have income at or below 200% Federal Poverty Level and no prescription coverage
    Prescriptions have a $3.00 processing fee (maximum of $36.00 per visit)

September 2001

CMAP Card Program started for clients seeing local physicians

  • Served 3,816 clients
  • Formulary consisted of chronic maintenance medications purchased by CMAP utilizing a pharmacy benefits manager
  • Client required to have income at or below 100% Federal Poverty Level and no prescription coverage
  • Clients received a card and were allowed to fill 3 prescriptions a month at an $8.00 co-pay
  • Card could be used at any pharmacy
  • Mandatory medication counseling with staff pharmacist was completed every six months
  • Clients resided in 6 parish service area
  • Application sites were conveniently located in all six parishes served

June 2002

CMAP Patient Assistance Program (PAP) began for clients seeing local referring physicians

  • Over 6,000 clients served
  • Client must reside in service area
  • Client must have income at or below 200% Federal Poverty Level and no prescription coverage
  • Accesses all manufacturers’ programs available for free or low cost medications
  • CMAP staff complete and mails all paperwork
  • CMAP staff obtains necessary physician signatures and prescriptions]
  • CAMP staff offices are conveniently located
  • Over 200 physicians are referring their patients to the CMAP-PAP staff

CMAP Today

Clients utilizing HPL clinics continue to fill medications at outpatient pharmacy with same criteria

Card Program discontinued

Clients seeing local physicians:

  • CMAP Express - We opened a bulk donation central fill pharmacy in order to more effectively manage the process of getting manufacturers’ free medication to eligible clients.

Benefits of CMAP Express:

  • Decreased wait time for medication delivery to clients compared to PAP
  • Decreased paperwork for physicians
  • Decreased paperwork for clients
  • Creates centralized records that allow pharmacist counseling for drug interactions, difficult dosing requirements, etc.
  • Provides patient-specific labeling on bottles that help with compliance

For More Information

Wendy Roy, MHA
CMAP Program Director
318.448.4473 (fax)

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