CMAP Extra

Prescription Savings Program

CMAP is committed not only to caring for those we serve, but to providing communities throughout Louisiana access to innovative programs which make healthcare more affordable and accessible. That is why we are pleased to announce you are eligible to participate in CMAP Extra, designed to help lower your family’s medication costs. Participation in the CMAP Extra program is provided to you at no monthly cost, and by using it you can save money on all prescription medications, including name brand and generic drugs. This benefit is available to everyone regardless of age or income and you even qualify if you have current coverage.

You will find this program easy and simple to use. At the time of medication purchases, simply present your CMAP Extra identification card along with your prescription to one of the more than 33,000 pharmacies in the national network, including most major chain pharmacies, listed on your member identification card. Your drug cost will be reduced automatically, and you pay only the reduced amount.

The features of the CMAP Extra program are:

  • There is no cost to register for the program and there are no monthly membership fees for participants.
  • Citizenship or residency is not required.  The card does not expire.
  • No limit on the number of prescriptions per year.
  • Program participants receive significant savings off retail in the purchase of prescription medications.
  • This is not insurance; no claims to file, no formularies, no caps, no exclusions.
  • Program is designed to assist those without insurance or prescription benefits, but it can also be useful to individuals who have exceeded their policy limits, have high deductibles or who need non-covered medications.

Just click the button below to complete the simple application and print your card, which you may use the next business day!

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