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Cancer Screening Project

Cancer Screening Project

Recognizing the importance of early detection of cancers, The Rapides Foundation in 2009 unveiled the Cancer Screening Project in response to its 2005 Community Health Assessment that found too many Central Louisiana residents were not getting screened for breast, cervical and colon cancers. Early screening for certain cancers can be cost-effective and promote longer, healthier lives.

The Cancer Screening Project is part of The Rapides Foundation’s Healthcare Access Initiative, which is designed to address medication access and cancer screenings; foster the establishment and expansion of primary care access with integrated behavioral and oral health services; and to develop a strategy around related medical manpower issues. CMAP administers the Cancer Screening Project.

The project seeks to increase access to important cancer screenings by bringing them to Central Louisiana parishes via a mobile unit. The unit is a partnership between The Rapides Foundation, CMAP and the Partners in Wellness Program at Feist-Weiller Cancer Center at LSU Health Shreveport. It travels to communities for two-day clinics, where patients receive clinical breast exams, digital mammograms, cervical exams, Pap smears and FIT colon cancer screening take-home tests. These services are offered for free for people who meet age, income and insurance guidelines.

Request an Appointment on the Cancer Screen Van:

The Cancer Screening Project’s mobile unit travels throughout Allen, Avoyelles, Catahoula, Grant, LaSalle, Natchitoches, Rapides, Vernon and Winn parishes for two-day clinics, where patients receive clinical breast exams, digital mammograms, cervical exams, Pap smears and FIT colon cancer screening take-home tests. These services are free of charge for Central Louisiana residents who have no medical insurance and who meet the following age requirements:

  • Women ages 40-64 - Pap smear, pelvic exam, clinical breast exam, digital mammography
  • Women ages 50-64 - all of above services including colorectal cancer screening
  • Men ages 50-64 – colorectal cancer screening

Appointments are required. To request an appointment, please call Cancer Screening Specialist Kayla Edwards at 318-767-3027 or toll-free at 1-855-767-3027.


Community Health Advisor Project

CMAP’s Community Health Advisor Project is a community-based program that trains community volunteers to help educate their peers about the importance of cancer screenings and to reach out to those who are diagnosed with cancer. Once trained, Community Health Advisors provide education, outreach and information to men and women throughout Central Louisiana. They encourage people to practice early detection of colon, breast and cervical cancer while it is in the most treatable stages.

Community Health Advisors are trained by the Cancer Screening Project’s Community Health Advisor. If you or someone you know is interested in becoming a Community Health Advisor, please contact CMAP at 318-767-3028.

Want to learn more?

Contact the Cancer Screening Project
Phone: 318-767-3027
Fax: 318-448-4473
Toll Free: 855-767-3027


CMAP Screening Guidelines

The CMAP Cancer Screening Project follows the screening guidelines from the American Cancer Society.

Breast Cancer Screening

Recommended guidelines for mammograms for women at average risk:

  • Ages 40-44 – not necessary, but once/year if their choice
  • Ages 45-54 – once per year
  • Ages 55+ – every two years

Cervical Cancer Screening

Recommended guidelines for cervical cancer screening:

  • All women should begin cervical cancer screening at age 21
  • Ages 21-29 – Pap every three years without HPV testing, unless abnormal
  • Ages 30+ – Pap with HPV test every five years
  • 30-65 – can opt for Pap only every three years
  • Women who’ve had a total hysterectomy should stop Pap and HPV screenings

Colon Cancer Screening

Recommended guidelines for colon cancer screening for men and women at average risk:

  • Fecal immunochemical test (FIT) once per year starting at age 50


The CMAP Cancer Screening Project suggests the following websites as additional resources for people seeking information about cancer screenings, prevention and treatment.

American Cancer Society

National Cancer Institute

Susan G. Komen
1.877.GO KOMEN


Louisiana Breast and Cervical Health Program

Patient Advocate Foundation


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