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Healthy Lifestyle Program
Kathy Gunn
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Healthy Lifestyle Program

Teaching Good Habits for Life

The Rapides Foundation in late 2011 formed the Healthy Lifestyle Program, which provides one-on-one nutrition and physical activity counseling to patients referred by their doctors. 

Funded by the Foundation's Healthy Behaviors Initiative and administered by CMAP, the goal is to offer Central Louisiana residents with resources to lead healthy lifestyles. A registered dietitian and an exercise specialist work with each client, offering demonstrations and education on proper nutrition and physical activity for good health. 

Clients are counseled for six months, learning behavior changes they can take with them when they complete the program.

Physicians say they enjoy having somewhere to send their patients for follow-up and consistent nutrition and exercise education. Doctors also say that diseases become easier to control when patients modify their diets and increase their physical activity.


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